Nora En Pure’s “Sphinx”

Nora En Pure remains one of my favorite house DJs and producers.  She brings an organic quality to her compositions that feels natural and effortless.  It’s undeniably danceable, yet totally listenable.  Maybe it’s her South African heritage mixed with her Swiss surroundings that strike the right balance. Whatever the case, she makes music that feels spiritual and soulful, and just sounds really great.

“Sphinx” is her first single for 2018, and it sports all the qualities you’d expect from her.  If you’re familiar with any of her original material, or her incredible DJ sets, then you know what I’m talking about (speaking of, check out her BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix from this previous post).  If not, then this is a great starter track as introduction to Nora En Pure.  

This one leans more on the subtler side, still playing with beachy vibes and sunset rhythms, opting for less upfront and more downtempo.  But don’t get me wrong.  It’s still groovy as hell, with a warm thick bassline and a shuffling rhythm that gets you on your feet.  It’s classic Nora En Pure, with a little extra class.

Try out Nora En Pure’s “Sphinx” and see what riddles await …

“Sphinx (Extended Mix)” from the 2018 self-titled EP “Sphinx.”