Glenn Morrison’s “Hypnotism (Morttagua Remix)

“Hypnotism” is another track that made the weekend beach rotation.  It comes from Toronto DJ/Producer Glenn Morrison, and settles comfortably in the progressive house genre. 

This one’s got a bit more heft than the typical fare, with a determined rhythm and some moodier vibes.  I wouldn’t call it hard-hitting, as it never overpowers.  But it’s definitely focused, with a subtle potency that gets under your skin and makes you move.  I guess you could say it’s got a hypnotic quality, but that might be a bit on the nose.

For this posting, I chose the “Morttagua Remix” of “Hypnotism,”  just because I really like it.  It sounded good on the beach, and still sounds good at work and in the home.  With the right system, I can only imagine what it would sound like at the appropriate volume.

Check it out before the day ends …

“Hypnotism (Morttagua Remix)” from the 2017 self titled EP “Hypnotism.”

Glenn Morrison: