Blue States’ “Diamente”

Another busy day at the office, leaving my thoughts a little depleted, so I’m going to keep things brief. Tonight’s offering is a bit of semi-old school ambient trip-hop titled “Diamente” from UK electronic act Blue States.

“Diamente” is one of those dreamlike instrumental numbers, feeling both cinematic in scope, and intimate in feeling. It tends to drift in a warm analog world, while embracing digital designs … or at least what qualified for that back in 2000, when this single was released.

Relaxed breakbeat percussion steers the sound, with melodies switching between cozy organics and sinister synths. There’s a ’70s soulful groove in the piano bits, with some moodier strings woven in between. It reminds me of like-minded peers Nightmares on Wax, or early Thievery Corporation, with a subtle sprinkling of Portishead for the more shadowy flavors.

Blue States is a British act founded by Andy Dragazi back in 1997. He tends to work solo, crafting lush widescreen instrumentals, aiming for natural tones and textures through electronic composition. “Diamente” comes from his acclaimed debut album “Nothing Changes Under the Sun,” which traverses the downtempo landscape, exploring ambient grooves and trip-hop rhythms. It’s a great album for the evening come down … or the morning start. It can chill you down, or ease you into awareness, depending on your headspace, and where you choose to be.

So take a trip-hopped stroll with the instrumental ambience of Blue States’ “Diamente.” That’s all I got for tonight. Enjoy!

“Diamente” from the 2000 album “Nothing Changes Under the Sun.”