New Fast Automatic Daffodils’ “Part 4”

Why “Part 4”? Not sure. But I’ve been MIA for the past three days, so I thought this might be a good track to reboot the posts. Plus, this one’s a bit on the downtempo dub kick, and it’s pouring rain outside, so it kinda fits the precipitous downcast mood.

I had to step away for a bit due to a Super Bowl commercial project I’ve been working on. Those short turnaround gigs tend to eat up a lot of extracurricular time. So consequently, I hit the pause button. But while away, I’ve absorbed a lot of new tunes, had a chance to freshen the old thoughts, and restart my recommendations, refreshed and anew.

“Part 4” is an oldie from 1990, courtesy of Manchester’s New Fast Automatic Daffodils. These guys are no longer around. But back in the early-to-mid ’90s, they were a respectable indie outfit based in the Madchester scene, the seminal psychedelic electro rock and pop revival that gave us the Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Charlatans, 808 State, and many others.

The NewFADs, as they’re often called, are like a less-stoned Happy Mondays, with hints of these other aforementioned bands, sprinkled through their laid-back danceable grooves. They’re also less electronic, as was the case with earlier Madchester acts, a bit more steeped in the latter stages of punk and alternative rock.

“Part 4” is essentially a psychedelic dub track, with a slow-burn bassline, some handwoven percussive beats, a slinky guitar riff, and some old school spoken word vocals that craft a spacious underground ’70s Factory vibe.

I’ve actually been listening to this one for the past few months … unintentionally, of course. It just keeps creeping into my playlists on several morning outings. And quite frankly, it’s a great starter to the day. Although on the moodier side, it’s chill minimalist vibe makes it easy to digest, clearing the palate, and starting things off on the right note.

The NewFADS have three albums in total, “Part 4” coming from their debut “Pigeonhole.” I haven’t listened to this LP in ages, yet this track’s nudged me into rediscovering it. There’s not a whole lot that sounds like them today, which alone, makes them worth reconnecting. But “Part 4” is a strong starter, for the uninitiated, or those like myself, who’ve allowed the distance of time to fog the memory.

Get your psychedelic vintage dub on with the New Fast Automatic Daffodils’ “Part 4.” Enjoy!

“Part 4” from the 1990 album “Pigeonhole.”