Setlist: Nine Inch Nails

I’ve actually got two setlists for Nine Inch Nails at the Hollywood Palladium. These industrial rock giants performed a six night residency in Los Angeles, and I caught their first and last shows, on 12.07.18 and 12.15.18, respectively. I wish I saw the one on 12.11.18, where they kept their set primarily pre-1994, with all of “Broken,” and a well-rounded selection of “Pretty Hate Machine” and “Downward Spiral.” But alas, that wasn’t meant to be. So I have these two shows to offer, since these were the two I attended.

NIN’s first show has much to like … six “Downward Spiral” tracks, three from “Broken,” three covers of the side project How to Destroy Angels, and a well-rounded selection of newer material from the recent trio of EPs.

Here’s the setlist as playlist for the Friday show on 12.08.18. And if interested, I’ve got a collection of footage from the show at this previous post.

NIN’s final show of the tour stripped away some “Downward Spiral,” as well as a couple of newer ones, in favor of four from “The Fragile,” as well as the inclusion of the David Bowie collaboration “I’m Afraid of Americans.” There was also a trio of How to Destroy Angels tracks, with the only first show repeat being “Welcome Oblivion.”

For the final tour performance, NIN were particularly tight, while also seeming confidently loose. It really felt like they could play anything and it would sound exactly right. Perhaps, that’s why they chose to end the show on a more somber note, with a contemplative and reflective collection of tracks from “The Fragile.”

Here’s the setlist as playlist for the Saturday show on 12.15.18.

One last thing … if all goes according to plan, I’ll be posting some footage from this final performance, focusing on “The Fragile” and the additional offerings from HTDA, sometime next week. With the holidays upon us, time sometimes can be a bit unpredictable.

Nine Inch Nails:

How to Destroy Angels: