Remixed by Keep Shelly in Athens … Porcelain Raft & Solar Bears

I pretty much love everything I’ve heard from Grecian electronic duo Keep Shelly in Athens. They possess this ultra-chilled vibe that’s fully textured with multitudes of comforting layers, all sun-drenched in warmth and a welcome breezy ambience. And their open-air Mediterranean melodic meanderings make me want to kick-it on a beach and relax the day away … everytime.

That said, it’s fascinating to see how they tackle remixing other artists’ material, especially those that sound nothing like their own.

Porcelain Raft’s Mauro Remiddi. Photo by Jennifer Medina; sourced from artist’s Facebook.

Let’s start with New York-based Porcelain Raft, and the single “Tip of Your Tongue.” This one’s a relatively straightforward slice of dream-laced indie guitar pop. But in the hands of Keep Shelly in Athens producer RΠЯ (that’s what he goes by) and then-vocalist Sarah P (who’s since been replaced by Jessica Bell), “Tip of Your Tongue” is transformed into a wickedly sexy ’60s-styled bit of Euro-spy intrigue. And it puts a whole new spin on the title, if a sonic re-styling is capable of such a thing. Just listen to this remix, and you’ll know what I mean.

The YouTube embed’s below, since Spotify is lacking.

“Tip of Your Tongue (Keep Shelly in Athens Remix)” from Porcelain Raft’s 2010 remix EP “Tip of Your Tongue Remixes”

For comparison, here’s Porcelain Raft’s original indie version, sans the Grecian reconstruction.

“Tip of Your Tongue” from Porcelain Raft’s 2011 EP “Gone Blind”.

Another great reinvention from Keep Shelly in Athens is the single “Cub” from Irish electronic duo Solar Bears, who I’ve read disbanded a few years back.

I’m not totally familiar with Solar Bears material, but the tracks I’ve heard tend to skew more minimal and ambient. ‘Cub” is no different. It almost feels folkish, with a lone guitar, some nostalgic horn-flavored synths, and essentially a beatless rhythm.

Solar Bears’ John Kowalski and Rian Trench. Photo sourced from artist’s Website.

In the capable hands of Keep Shelly in Athens, they use “Cub’s” spatial ambience as an open-slate foundation, essentially constructing a chillwave groove that reverberates in subtle echo waves of vocal effervescence and warped guitar bits. It’s wonderful stuff that feels infinitely listenable.

Surprisingly, Spotify’s got this one. The embed’s below.

“Cub (Keep Shelly in Athens Remix)” from the 2011 EP “Campus Martius.”

Again, for comparison, here’s the original instrumental of “Cub” from Solar Bears.

“Cub” from the Solar Bears 2010 LP “She Was Coloured In.”

To wrap it up, I’ll leave you with the music video for the Keep Shelly in Athens remix of Solar Bears “Cub.” I’m sorta surprised one actually exists. It’s filled with lots of images of the sun, nature, and a nuclear explosion.

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