Lush’s “Sweetness and Light”

Now that I’ve posted Soft Science’s “Undone,”  let’s set the sonic time machine for 1990, and turn our ears to one of shoegazing’s beloved sources.  I’m talking about Lush, who stormed the scene with a blast of dream-infused pop aimed squarely at the wall of sound.  

The track that’s always got me is “Sweetness and Light,”  which is about as appropriately-titled as a song can be.  It’s not Lush’s loudest, fastest or most layered single they’re released.  But it is one of their most accessible … done with minimal compromise.  And sure, it’s bit more measured.  But the mixture’s just right, balancing the ethereal dream-pop qualities with the sonic textures of shoegaze.  

“Sweetness and Light” rolls along like a whirling kaleidoscope of jangled bliss, with angelic whispers for vocals, thanks to Miki Berenyi, a rhythm section that is as much understated as it is driving, and a fuzzed and phased weave of interwoven guitars.  It’s essentially feel-good music that’s unapologetically euphoric.  But it’s also shoegaze for the masses.  And it does sound and feel really good.

So on that thought, here’s “Sweetness and Light” from Lush.  Try out this slice of genre music history, and see where it fits in your catalogue.

“Sweetness and Light” from the 1990 EP “Sweetness and Light.”

After a near-two decade hiatus, Lush reunited back in 2015 and did a brief tour of the states, before disbanding again.  Here’s “Sweetness and Light” performed on that tour at the Fonda.

Lush performs “Sweetness and Light” @ the Fonda Theatre on 09.25.16.