Traumer’s “Triade”

Another late night for posts … can’t be helped …

I’m going to begin with a track that’s creeped up on me a number of times, typically before I even realized I was listening to it.  The song is a brilliant little progressive house number titled “Triade” from French artist Romain Poncet, a.k.a. Traumer.

I first heard “Triade” a few weeks ago driving to work.  It seemed fairly innocuous, assembled with a minimal rhythmic structure, some soft keys, and a repetitive nature that pushed it well into the background.  I practically forgot it was there.  But near the seven minute mark, roughly the midpoint, I took notice.  And then I couldn’t help but focus on it.  It hooked me, and had me until the end.  That’s when I knew I kinda loved it.

“Triade” is my ideal form of progressive house.  It takes its time, focusing on the enlightenment of the journey instead of the immediacy of the destination.  It practically hypnotizes you through its restraint, carefully stacking layer upon layer of the subtlest variety, where the progression is almost imperceptible.  This makes it ever so easy to get lost in its aura of understated sound.

But at an epic fifteen minutes, “Triade” does require some patience.  I stumbled upon it under unexpectedly ideal circumstances – i.e. stuck in traffic.  So I was a captive audience.  And it slowly lured me into its rhythmic ruminations and meditations, until I didn’t want it to end.  Some tracks do that. 

I’ve put the YouTube embed first on this one.  Because I recommend listening to “Triade” in its entirety from the beginning, throwing it on in the background, and letting it seep into your subconscious.  The Spotify embed only samples the latter half.  But I’ve included it nonetheless, in case you want to add it to your own playlists.

YouTube’s embed of the complete version of “Triade” from the 2015 self-titled EP

Spotify’s embed of “Triade” from the 2015 self-titled EP.