Dräger’s “Psycho Narcissistic Paranoia” remixed by Temples

Had to take a breather from all things music this past week. Just needed to clear the head. Plus, this Delta variant is toying with my mental and spiritual balance. Live music is finally returning, right in time for our (potentially) worse pandemic resurgence since the whole damn thing started. And I’m just wondering where it’s all headed, since it’s one of my mental and spiritual “past-times” that I’ve been looking soooo forward to experiencing again.

Anyway, uncertainty is a bitch, particularly in the face of viral adversity. So I guess the track I’ve chosen to start back up with is on-point and appropriate.

“Psycho Narcissistic Paranoia” comes from Brooklyn-based singular solo artist Spencer Draeger, best known by his stage name Dräger. This wild ’80s synth-styled psychedelic new wave throwback actually came out in 2019 … which makes a bit of sense, since, back then, we were all subjected to more than one hyper-prominent case of said personality disorder. But politics aside, I’m guessing that wasn’t all that was on Draeger’s mind, when he penned this little saturnalia of kaleidoscopic goodness.

I’m not going to guess, but I might speculate, in a prescient sense … after all, Covid has amplified a whole shit-ton of pre-existing crazy, which makes this tune a bit of a cynical predictor of stateside dysfunction. Or maybe, I’m just reading too much into it.

Well, judging by their newly released remix of Dräger’s debut single, English psych-rock band Temples seems like they’ve also found relevance with “Psycho Narcissistic Paranoia” … and by the way, typing or trying to say that title quickly is kind of a bitch, too.

Honestly, the original version was pretty cool to begin with, totally on-point musically, lyrically, thematically, spiritually, etc …. just a little rougher around the edges.

Dräger’s original 2019 single “Psycho Narcissistic Paranoia.”

Temples just makes it a little cooler, siphoning a bit more psychedelia, opening up the space, letting an already great tune breathe a little more, a subtle refurbish to collate with the current days and dilemmas we find ourselves in presently.

Temples’ 2021 remix of Dräger’s “Psycho Narcissistic Paranoia.”

Dräger’s released a bunch of singles and a surprisingly more pop-minded debut LP “Goths à la Discothèque,” albeit still firmly rooted at the crossroads of ’80s synth-ability and timeless psychedelia, loaded with confidence, listenability, and soaring vocals.

Temples have been around a bit longer, since ’12, releasing three upbeat albums of velvet-lined paisley rock, their last one being “Hot Motion” from the very year that the original “Psycho Narcissistic Paranoia” debuted.

Temples. Photo by Laura A-F. Sourced from artist’s website.

I’ll wrap this up with one of my favorite Temples’ tracks, “The Question Isn’t Answered” from their retro-blistery ’14 debut “Sun Structures.” I’ve also got a live version from LA’s once-might FYF Fest from ’17, may it rest in peace until a worthy replacement comes along.


“The Question Isn’t Answered” from Temple’s 2014 debut LP “Sun Structures.”

Temples perform “A Question Isn’t Answered” at FYF on 07.23.17.