Big Electric Playlist Redux, May+June 2021

It’s been a long time since I’ve compiled a Big Electric Playlist – August 2020 to be exact. Without posts to fuel the compilation, I figured, why bother. I almost opted to curate lists from all the new/old stuff I’ve been listening to during the Pandemic – mainly while working-from-home, and/or running on the beach/wetlands. But ultimately, I didn’t find that to be fulfilling.

So here we are, nearly a year later … and (hopefully) in a better place. Plus, it’s Fourth of July. We’ve got fireworks. And for once, things feel like they’re shifting back to normal.

This edition is assembled from the sporadic posts I authored during the last two months. I’m still getting back into the swing of things. So for now, I’m keeping the playlist bimonthly, or every two months (bimonthly can also mean twice a month, which is definitely not the case here).

The selection is mostly old business, lots of tunes from a few pre-Pandemic shows, complemented by a handful of cool new ones that I’ve enjoyed in recent months.

Indie dance mavens Miami Horror, Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp, and a coldwave pair of Cloak & Dagger Festival acts, She Wants Revenge and Health, comprise the concert-inspired selection of the list. They’re all old shows. But we work with what we’ve got.

Newcomers are L.A.-based dream-poptress Winter, smooth psychedelic trippers Lev Snowe, and the excellent Spanish retro-future shoegaze outfit Uniforms, who’s “Semana Satán” remains one of my all-time favs. There’s a couple of others, including featured collaborations like Health with Nine Inch Nails. But otherwise, that’s it for now.

Finger’s crossed, momentum will build, live music will return, posts will diversify, and the Big Electric Playlist will evolve and mature into something worthy of a post-Pandemic future.

I’m wrapping it up here. I don’t want to spend too much of this holiday overthinking the return edition of the Big Electric Playlist. I can do that in future editions.

Until the next one … enjoy!