Winter’s “Wherever You Are”

I’m still getting the hang of this blog thing once again. That’s what happens when you take a year off, get depressed, and don’t keep on keeping on. Granted, the pandemic takes a big chunk of the blame. But some of it surely comes down to my own homegrown lack of motivation/enthusiasm – which I guess is also a consequence of Covid and a year long shutdown (thank you, quarantine). Oh well …

At least we’re re-opening here in the sunny, albeit dry, state of California – which, incidentally (and most importantly) includes live music. So despite prior months of meh, I now count myself amount the super-excited … so much so, that it’s got me off my ass, attempting to blog again, whatever that ultimately amounts to.

Now that I’ve said my latest peace, I’ve also decided to ditch the whole “Daily Dose” category idea, which I hastily whipped up over the weekend, then proceeded to do nothing with henceforth. I was aiming for this “song of the day” motif, featuring shorter write-ups under a neat and tidy header (i.e. “Daily Dose”).

But I’ve come to the re-realization that I don’t do “daily” well. And honestly, it’s no different from what I used to do pre-pandemic, when I was still “active” in the medium. So I’m just going to go back to doing that, albeit (hopefully) simpler and more to the point. Given this long-winded intro, I think I might’ve already failed on that one.

Anyhow, that leads me to this nifty dream-pop-centric breeze of ethereality, titled “Wherever You Are,” from Los Angeles-based/Brazilian-raised artist Samira Winter, simply abbreviated to Winter for her musical pursuits.

A shimmering Winter. Photo sourced from artist’s Facebook.

Sourced from her third super-chilled LP “Endless Space (Between You and I),” one of the more understated moments of 2020, “Wherever You Are” is a wispy, glittery spangle of softly sculpted semi-shoegaze guitars and sun-glazed fluttery throwback nostalgia. Her name may be Winter, but this one’s got summer on the mind.

You can check out Winter’s specs with the links at page bottom. But some loose touchstones that come to mind are French psych-pop-ists Melody’s Echo Chamber, Los Angeles’s own kalliedoscopic auteur Vinyl Williams, Aussie dream chic Hatchie, and the Johnny Jewel produced Heaven. All for different reasons, or course. But the vibe is there.

Check it out!

“Wherever You Are” from the 2020 album “Endless Space (Between You & I).”