Helena Deland’s “Take It All”

Just a quick and lite post for the evening. This one’s a slow-churner titled “Take It All” from Canadian musician and songstress Helena Deland, and comes courtesy of a Spotify shuffle and an afternoon jog.

Thanks to these outdoor sprints, and against all societal programming, I’ve been gravitating towards the more somber-paced, mood and brood moments for my concurrent soundtrack of cardio choice.

“Take It All” most definitely slides into that lo-fi stupor, a drone daze and sullen saunter that seems to reside in the emotional dichotomy of hopes, dreams and the reality in between.

With this track, featured on Vol. II of her conceptual four part collection “Altogether Unaccompanied,” Deland seems situated somewhere between the solitude of slow-folk and dirge-pop.

“Take It All” is a mostly downtempo electro-acoustic affair of the tried and troubled heart. It’s slumbering synths stroll at a deliberate crawl, slightly dream-gazed in shadow-aired absence and percussive indifference. It does have it’s moments of relief, though, marked by melodic surrender and measured release, intimate, nostalgic, contemplative, and melancholic.

This one may rest on the solemn fringes of songcraft. Nonetheless, it soothes my thoughts and eases my mind in equal measure. I probably wouldn’t recommended “Take It All” for your personal exercise routine, as I’ve used it in mine. But I’m sure there’s some moment throughout the day and/or night that this mellow melancholia might reside.

“Take It All” from the 2018 EP “Altogether Unaccompanied, Vol. II.”

In addition to 2018’s “Altogether Unaccompanied, Vol. I, II, III, IV,” the Montreal native also has her 2016 debut EP “Drawing Room,” which admittedly, I only mention now, because as I’ve been penning this post, I’ve been listening to it.

As such, I’ve opted to include the track “Baby,” which, to me, feels like an impassioned flipside to “Take It All.” It boasts a similar sway and stroll, yet offers a welcomed counterpoint of melodic warmth and effortless optimism – or at least, it feels and sounds that way.

Here’s Helena Deland’s “Baby” to end this post on a slightly brighter note. Until the next one …

“Baby” from the 2016 EP “Drawing Room.”