Krystal Klear’s “Division Ave”

My authoring skills are not fully up to snuff this eve. So I’m gonna keep it brief. Tonight’s entry, and first proper post for July, comes from Irish DJ/producer Declan “Dec” Lennon, who operates under the nome de plume Krystal Klear.

The track’s titled “Division Ave,” and it’s a little slice and sliver of ’80s-infused synth-euphoria, short and sweet, and totally instrumental. It hails from the 2018 four-track EP “The Division,” and like it’s name implies, offers an uplifting score to the neon wash and day-glo cool of the title’s metaphorical avenue.

Recently, since I’ve been on an ’80s kick, Krystal Klear kind of slots right into the grooves I’ve been craving. Lennon’s vector tunes just embody the overt simplicity and optimistic warmth that I love about the bygone era. And “Division Ave” hits that sweet synth-pop spot in all the right ways.

Krystal Klear has a few EPs of varying intensity and tempo, yet all steeped in the eclectic/eccentric stylings of ’80s electro wash. From what I can tell, Lennon’s been exploring and elaborating upon the era since 2010. A lot of these tunes lean in the dancefloor direction, bending into the bpms, versus the subdued synthwaves of “Division Ave.” That makes it a bit of an aural anomoly, but one I highly welcome.

Anyway, I’ll leave it at that – or more accurately, my writer’s block will leave it. Enjoy Krystal Klear’s retro-homage to the ’80s with “Division Ave.” Until I regain my brain … and the ability to author … stay tuned and stay safe.

“Division Ave” from the 2018 EP “The Division.”