Twen’s “Damsel”

It’s seven minutes to midnight on Xmas eve, and I’m away from home in Northern California, currently visiting family for the imminent holiday … or at least it will be by the time I’m done writing this post.

I figured I’ve got some free time to kill, since everyone has gone to bed. So I’m going to start my killing of time with a blissfully jangled dream pop single titled “Damsel” from Nashville-based indie rock outfit Twen.

I happened to catch this former Boston DIY punk outfit last weekend, when they opened for the Welsh indie power trio The Joy Formidable at the Teragram Ballroom in DTLA. Oh, how I miss Xmas in L.A. Anyway, I’ll definitely have some musical gifts to offer, regarding that headliner in the coming weeks, preferably before the New Year, but most likely sometime in January, as time permits. But I digress …

Twen’s one of those acts I knew absolutely nothing about going in. In fact, I didn’t even know they existed until last Saturday. But I guessed The Joy Formidable would most likely try to chose an interesting opener for their latest tour. So I made an effort to check them out. And fortuitously, I guessed right.

Twen’s not a straightforward indie rock act. Their mercurial guitar-based sound wanders and wanes through the psychedelic haze, all the while bathing in the sundrenched rays of spangled dream pop. They’ve got a thick, dense melodic sound that plays to the strengths of loudness, while sporting a subtle punk charisma, if such a thing exists. They’re self-described as “duality rock and ethereal roll.” And they seem like a younger act, a little rough around the edges, but abundantly confident and full of open-ended promise.

But their single “Damsel” was what unexpectedly grabbed my attention, a timeless sort of glittery ball of feel good, uplifting melody. I’m not entirely sure what vocalist Jane Fitzsimmons is saying, but I like the way she’s saying it. And that’s enough for me. Plus, the music is both light-footed and full-bodied, all at once, a full-fledged pop anthem that feels like the best days of a classic summer. And since it’s currently raining outside, this makes for a pleasant counterpoint this holiday season. And speaking of holiday’s, I just realized it’s now officially Christmas, so cheers to that.

Here’s an embed for Twen’s single “Damsel,” followed by a music video with a total ’90s vibe … and flying dirt bikes. Enjoy!

“Damsel” from 2019 album “Awestruck.”