Updates & musings

I’ve decided to make a few changes with the manner in which I approach this blog. I’m not sure anybody’s actually reading it anyway. But really, that was never my point. I’ve always intended this to be a personal journal/journey of how I view music, and how it integrates into my life. It was never meant to be a site of journalistic ambition. I’ve done that earlier in my life. So no need …

That said, the first thing I’m doing from this day forward is disabling all comments. This just seems to be a cesspool of bots and abuse. I mean, honestly, does anybody really truly believe spam works. All it does is piss everyone off.

The next thing I’m doing is limiting my posts to 2-3 a week. I might break that number. But more often than not, it’ll probably be less than that. At least, given my current track record.

The reason for this is mainly a time vs. inspiration vs. energy triumvirate of life-balance challenges. Honestly, I’ve been toying with the idea of just stopping the blog altogether. It’s been over a year since I started it.

But there’s been some positives. It’s cleared up a few creative blockages in my world. It’s forced me to explore new music. It’s generated some great playlists, and allowed me an online place to put all my concert videos (that’s not YouTube or Vimeo). And it’s been a lot of fun. Essentially, it’s turned into an extended music-based audio-visual journal to my future self. So for that reason, I’ve kind of been holding off, yet still teetering on the fence, as to its fate.

And in retrospect, I do wish I had this outlet, when I was actually a working music journalist. Because I can’t remember shit for specifics from that exciting era of my life.

I should also note that I’ve been feeling like I need a break. As I’ve said, I’ve uncovered a lot of interesting music for myself. But I feel like I need some time to just stop and enjoy it, before a new influx of discoveries takes over. It’s easy to get caught in the hamster wheel rat race, and even easier to not give things their proper attention because of it. I believe it’s called superficiality. And I’m starting to feel some of it set in. So yet another reason …

That’s that. So if anyone is paying attention. I might have a bit of a hiatus. Or at least a greater infrequency of posts in the short term.

Also, since my Big Electric Playlists on Spotify are all curated from the month’s posts, I might just create some new ones in their absence. I mean, the music never stops. And I don’t stop listening.