Big Electric Playlist, October 2019

Now that October’s behind us, I’m happy to say that the Big Electric Playlist is once again improving in variety. It’s not leaps and bounds better just yet. But it’s definitely a step up from last month.

The bulk of the material is again centered on some shows that I covered, namely four acts … Massive Attack, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Mezzanine, the return of Bombay Bicycle Club, after a five year hiatus, the moody dream pop of Cigarettes After Sex, and shoegaze legends Ride, enjoying a second wind with a new tour and album.

I did my best with the little time I had to give some focus to a few individual gems, namely Heaven’s “It’s Not Enough,” Chromatics‘ newness “Twist the Knife,” Morcheeba’s latest psychedelic soul “Mezcal Dream,” and CCFX’s eclectic little indie ditty “The One to Wait.”

This collection tops out at a few minutes over 5 hours, so there’s plenty of listening to be had. I suggest hitting the shuffle button, so that the four main acts get mixed up with all the individual numbers.

Otherwise, enjoy this October edition of the Big Electric Playlist. If all goes well, I’ve a got a lot of shiny offerings in the waiting. I’ve had to relegate the blog to a part time affair for the time being, since I’ve been busy, busy, busy with other life stuff. But since music is something I can’t really live without, I’ll always keep the music selections flowing. So there’s that.

Until next time …