Chromatics’ “Twist the Knife”

I had a free moment, and I literally just heard this song a few minutes ago. So after a week gone by, I think I’ll post again.

Apparently, Chromatics (one of my fav indie acts) surprise-released their new album at the stroke of midnight (last night). I just caught wind of it this morning. It’s their first in close to 7 years, and it’s called “Closer to Grey.” I’ve been casually checking it out over the last hour or so, and there’s plenty to relish and enjoy. There’s also a few I’m on the fence about.

But in the middle of all of it, I ran across this nifty little bit called “Twist the Knife.” It’s fourth on the tracklist.

Oddly, it’s one of their poppier, synthier, dancier numbers. It’s also catchy as hell, embodying all those silky cool atmospherics and slick electronics, with a simple driving beat and, of course, Ruth Radelet’s hypnotically breezy voice.

On a side thought, which kind of bothers me, I’ve read a few negatives on this one. And sure it’s simple, slightly stripped down, and like I said, more pop. But it swerves in unusual, clever movements, that counter, as well as balance, the lighter lazier moments. That’s why I think it works.

To each their own.

Anyway, I really, really like this one the more I listen to it. I bet it’d sound great live, too. Maybe, they’ll make it back to L.A. later this year, or sometime next. They were last here in May at the Wiltern, which was super chilled and magical cool. But I don’t recall hearing any of this new material. Oh well, I hope they tour on this album soon.

Here’s “Twist the Knife.” Enjoy!

“Twist the Knife” from the 2019 album “Closer to Grey.”