“My First Crush” from Timecop1983 & Trevor Something

Tonight was a toss-up. Either go with the catch-up post, which would be the Massive Attack show early last month, or some easy single that I’d just pick at random. The latter won, and the blind pick is a track called “My First Crush” from throwback Dutch synthwave artist Jordy Leenaerts, a.k.a. Timecop1983.

I’m not sure if that’s a reference to Jean-Claude Van Damme’s sci-fi time traveling police thriller, which is of the same name, but it sure seems suspect. “Timecop,” the movie, did come out in ’84, though. So if that’s the case, there’s a minor hiccup in the alleged pop culture reference.

Anyway, “My First Crush” is also a collaboration with Trevor Something, who’s another renown synthwave act in the retro-future world of electro ’80s throwback culture. If you like Stranger Things, early M83, The Midnight, The New Division, or just synth-based music from the fashion-forward decade of celebrated questionable taste, then this track’s for you.

It’s got all the requisite aural ingredients, a whisper and hush of vocals, dreamy cavernous melodies, rivers of euphoria throughout, analog synths, warm sequenced rhythms, and a youthful vibe that hearkens to more innocent and naughty times.

“My First Crush (feat. Trevor Something)” from the 2015 album “Reflections.”

I’m not sure if this is an official music video. But it fits perfectly.

I can’t tell you a whole heck of a lot about Timecop1983, other than the aforementioned and obvious. But he’s got a handful of albums, including the 2015 “Reflections,” where “My First Crush” comes from. And if you like your synth flashbacks to have a fair bit of cinematic grandeur, nocturnal, neon, wet, and romantic, then I highly recommend checking out some of the other material.

For starters, try on this instrumental from the same album. It’s called “Drifting Away,” and almost feels like it could be in the movie “Drive,” alongside all those other classy tracks from Chromatics, Kavinsky and Desire. Although, I think this one might be a tad more optimistic.

“Drifting Away” from the 2015 album “Reflections.”

Trevor Something is a name that’s been around since 2013. I first heard about him in ’14 with this particular track, “Summer Love.” I don’t recall exactly how I stumbled upon him. I’m guessing I was looking for bands similar to M83, having completely fallen for “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” and “Saturdays = Youth.”

Trevor Something. Photo sourced from artist’s Facebook.

This one’s not quite as grandiose as those M83 efforts. But it’s comfortably in a similar school of thought and vibe. It’s another track that takes me back to a recollected youth that probably seems more idyllic in memory than in actuality. But that’s okay. Gazing into the past through ecstasy-tinted glasses is not a bad way to remember. And it might even be more accurate than I’m letting on.

So check out Trevor Something’s “Summer Love” from the 2014 EP “Does Not Exist.” Or does it?

“Summer Love” from the 2014 EP “Does Not Exist.”

So that actually turned out to be three easy tracks, versus the one I started with. I guess I’m making up for lost and ignored time. That’s what happens when you take a month off. Have a pleasant 80s-inspired evening.


Trevor Something: