Heaven’s “It’s Not Enough”

“It’s Not Enough” from the 2017 EP “Lonesome Town.”

I figured I’d start out October with a single track, rather than the typical Big Electric Playlist. I’ve got one of those cued up too. But since it essentially compiles only four posts, it could stand for second billing tonight.

Plus, this month marks the blog’s one year anniversary. Not that I care a whole lot about such milestones. But seeing that I started with a single track a little over a year ago, it makes sense to do the same tonight. Symmetry, I guess. If I’m being totally honest, though, Sept. 21 was the official one year mark. I just happened to be on hiatus.

Anyhow, to start the month rolling, I’ve got something short and sweet. It’s aptly named “It’s Not Enough,” and comes from the rather enigmatic enigma of an indie act known as Heaven, which I might add, is also appropriately on point … and sound.

This one literally lives up to its title. At a brief two minutes and twenty seconds, “It’s Not Enough” is definitely short. As such, it never overstays its welcome, remaining entirely satisfying, fully fulfilling, yet simultaneously fleeting once the last note drifts off to silence.

The first time I heard this track, I remember wishing it to keep on keeping on, just so I could hold onto that little slice of Heaven for a few notes more. Yeah, I know, that sounds way too corny. But this is dream pop at its finest, retro ethereality, sultry innocence, melancholy flavored with the slightest teardrop of menace and mood. Of course, I wanted “It’s Not Enough” to continue endlessly more.

On a more down to earth note, Heaven is one of the later projects championed by Italians Do It Better, the record label founded in part by Chromatics‘ Johnny Jewel, who’s also a member/producer of the trio. Seems Jewel is caught up in a number of acts – Desire, Glass Candy, Mirage, to name others. His unique spatial sensibilities for the electronic etherium certainly flow far and wide, ringing with infinite velvet lushness and breathy atmospheric wisps.

But Jewels’ just a slice of Heaven, with the voice of the celestial plane echoed by Nona Francine, with additional instrumentalism served by Nick Nightingale. Francine’s certainly got the sound of innocence, or something thereabouts, in her soft intonations. She’s super-easy on the ears, caresses of plush sonic soul, residing somewhere between the angelic Julee Cruise (of Twin Peaks/David Lynch fame) and the aforementioned Chromatics’ Ruth Radelet.

Since “It’s Not Enough” can literally seem like it’s not enough, depending on your point of view, I’m going to leave you with another heavenly slice of Heaven. This one’s called “Lock & Key,” and it’s a little longer by another minute, so that should satiate any additional needs, at least until they release a full album. Enjoy!

“Lock & Key” from the 2017 EP “Lonesome Town.”