Big Electric Playlist, August 2019

One last post for the day … and one last playlist to add to the lineup. This one’s the August edition of the Big Electric Playlist, my monthly compilation of all things featured on this blog. Of course, I haven’t been the most prolific writer of recent weeks, and/or months, due to any number of excuses I don’t really care to bring up. Let’s just say life sometimes gets in the way of life.

Anyhow, given my inconsistencies, I still managed to squeeze out a decent playlist of 22 songs, totally 3 hours of playability. Kinda surprised. But then again, not really. There’s an Underworld track titled “Appleshine Continuum” that runs a whopping 47 minutes and 17 seconds. That beats the Orb’s legendary “Blue Room” for length. That one was 3 seconds shy of 40 minutes. So that’s practically a third of the runtime. But man, is that track groovy as all hell. It’s got a Hammond organ sound that just weaves and whirls in freeform jams throughout its chilled rolling beat. And it practically transcends itself, full of electro psychedelic and kaleidoscopic refractions.

The rest of the playlist is pretty decent, as well. There’s a few synth-pop ’80s throwback tracks from L.A.’s The New Division, “Hope” and “Killer,” and a really great indie-cantation track from psych-folk-rock act Pumarosa, called “Priestess.” I’ve also got some indie-electronica from Yppah, known as “Three Portraits,” a little bit of shoegaze from Chicago’s Airiel, “Firefly” and “In Your Room,” and another fun bit of epic ’80s nostalgia from synthwave pioneers Lazerhawk and Gunship, titled “Feel the Rush Tonight.” Plus, there’s a few more surprises, and a bunch of new Underworld, in addition to that aforementioned massive track.

Until the next round, here’s the August edition of the Big Electric Playlist. Enjoy!