Mmoths’ “Eva”

Since the month is winding down, as is the summer, I wanted to get a few more posts up. I’ve kept things pretty intermittent for the last few months. So I figured, I’d make an effort to end August with a bit of substance, and some semblance of being prolific.

So tonight is a quick peek at the downtempo electronic soundscapes of Irish-born/L.A. based musician Mmoths, a.k.a. Jack Colleran. I’m not sure if the second “m” is silent, or factors into its pronunciation. Either way, the name cues you into an experience that’s a little different, slightly mysterious, off-center, and full of curious musings.

Mmoths’ Jack Colleran. Photo sourced from artist’s Discogs..

Although I’ve been privy to his chill-out sound for the last few years, I’ve only been a casual listener, with my primary exposure sourced from a coworker who had a few tracks in his eclectic go-to playlist. So pretty much anything that popped up among those office-based listens was kind of a new experience to me.

That brings me to “Eva,” which I actually heard this afternoon at work, sans aforementioned co-worker. I caught this one all on my own, and honestly, I didn’t know who it was when I found myself flagging it for future listens. It’s a fairly spot-on track for Mmoths, dreamy soft keys, abstract underlying discordance, falsetto vocals that aren’t so much lyrical as aural.

“Eva” strikes me as an experiential affair, emotionally felt and instinctually interpreted. Like many Mmoth offerings, this one practically plays as instrumental ambience. There’s rhythm, of course, yet its shaped for laid-back horizontally-bound grooves.

Honestly, “Eva” feels like an appropriate score for the end of summer. I know we’re not quite there yet. But it’s good to plan ahead. And this track will do quite nicely. Check it out.

“Eva” from the 2016 album “Luneworks.”

And here’s a music video for Mmoths “Eva” that perhaps captures the essence and aura of this tune more than I could ever put into words. Seasonal moods and a bit of youthful romance punctuate the visuals. Guessing the woman is “Eva.”