“Feel the Rush Tonight” with Lazerhawk & Gunship

After a few days away, I’m going to step back into the blog with some ’80s inspired synthwave from two of the genre’s most influential names, Lazerhawk and Gunship. Now, I wouldn’t blame you if you’ve never heard of them before. I only have a cursory knowledge myself. But this particular selection came up on the playlist shuffle today, and it hit all the right mid-morning chords.

It’s called “Feel the Rush Tonight,” and it sounds just like it’s named. It’s a full-on slow-roll epic analogue ballad, as pristine in sound as it is melodramatic in tone. It’s full of warm, thick, immersive synths, splashy drum patterns, and comfy bass progressions. There’s even some vocals, courtesy of Gunship’s Alex Westaway. It’s as if this catchy little number just dropped out of time through a vector vortex in the sky, BTTF DeLorean style, and landed in a fresh wash of retro-future-retro neon and nocturnal new wave glitter and glow.

Lazerhawk’s Garrett Hayes is mainly an instrumentalist. He’s from Austin, TX, and he’s a founding member of premier synthwave label Rossa Corsa Records. Gunship hails from the other end of the Atlantic, Britain to be slightly more specific. They’re a trio inspired by the media of the ’80s … television, video games, cartoons, etc. They’ve also got famed horror director John Carpenter and sci-fi author Ernest Cline as fans.

Although a collaboration, “Feel the Rush Tonight” comes from Lazerhawk’s 2017 album “Dreamrider,” which features a number of synth-scored instrumentals with like-minded melody. Makes sense, since Gunship tends to dig a little deeper and darker into the decade. This team-up lends a balance in both directions … and definitely makes you yearn for more.

Here’s the ballad blast to the synthwave past, ultimate ’80s style, with “Feel the Rush Tonight,” courtesy of Lazerhawk and Gunship. And check out that album artwork, straight out of the Atari rift in time. Enjoy!

“Feel the Rush Tonight” from the 2017 album “Dreamrider.”