Yppah’s “Three Portraits”

Not sure what this particular song is about, but I dig it. It’s called “Three Portraits” and it’s another slapdash upbeat offer from Long Beach Texan Joe Corrales, Jr., better known by his stage name Yppah. It’s not the first time I’ve ventured into Yppah’s enlightened catalogue, having explored another clever creation titled “Bushmills” back in April.

For those unfamiliar, Yppah’s actually Happy spelled backwards. It’s also a solo project from this multi-talented artist, instrumentalist, and songwriter. Corrales is essentially a one-man show, occasionally enlisting the aid of various like-minded collaborators. He’s influenced by old-school shoegaze, modern electronics, and the psychedelic soul. And he’s a guitarist and bassist by trade, so the synths get a fair balance by some good old fashioned instrumentation.

All of this gets thrown into an ecstacy-laden cauldron of euphoric beats and booming basslines, which simmers and steams into the “Three Portraits” that you hear before you. This one features vocal and violinist collaboration from Anomie Bell, a Seattle-native who contributed to a handful of songs to Yppah’s 2012 album “Eighty One,” which features this particular track.

Lyrically, this one’s got something to do with peace of mind. And that’s good enough for me. It’s Friday, and after what seems like a nonstarter summer, and a bit of a haphazard week, I’m cool with a little bit of serenity to the unbalanced thoughts and emotional musings. Feels like a good way to cap off the week.

Here’s Yppah’s “Three Portraits.” Enjoy!

“Three Portraits” from the 2012 album “Eighty One.”