Pumarosa’s “Priestess”

So after much deliberation, and trying on of differing posts, I somehow landed on Pumarosa’s spiritual groove “Priestess” for August’s second aural entry. Sounds slightly obscene, I know, but it’s just a turn of phrase. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been intending to tackle a backlog of acts that have yet to see the light of the blog. This, of course, isn’t one of them. But no worries. My meandering and inconsistent mood seems to be taking me on a more fulfilling quest.

I can’t really tell you a whole heck of a lot about Pumarosa. They’re British, which isn’t all that surprising. And they’ve been around since 2015, releasing a few EPs and a full length debut “The Witch” in 2017. “Priestess” hails from that latter release, but has been around a few years longer than that. In fact, it’s their earliest single, and the one that put them on the map. I didn’t know at the time of picking, yet this seems to make a whole lot of sense.

“Priestess” almost seems like a coldwave tangle with widescreen psychedelia. Vocalist Isabel Munoz-Newsome possesses that kaleidoscopic shade of Siouxsie Sioux, strong-willed, deliberate, confident, and striking. There’s a kick-ass groove of a bassline, rhythmic and driving, propelling her chant forward through spiritwalking progressions of echoing melody, spaced-out infinite guitars, and a simmering sax that screams exotic hypnotic.

I find the more I listen to “Priestess,” the more I seem addicted to its ritualistic, spiritualistic movement of mesmer and magick. I eagerly look forward to hearing more from “The Witch,” as well. Pumarosa seems to hit a psychedelic sweet spot that’s slightly off-center from where I typically aim my gaze. And admittedly, I love them for that.

Check out Pumarosa’s “Priestess” and see if you’ll fall under her spell, too. I’m kicking this one off with the music video, since it’s the whole seven and a half minute experience in one go. After that, feel free to do what you will with the Spotify embed. Enjoy!

“Priestess” from the 2017 album “The Witch.”