Guilty Ghosts’ “Everlasting Evening,” featuring Sea Oleena

I’m running on four hours of sleep, so I’ll keep tonight brief. My state of semi-delirium has kicked me slightly off-center, and led me down a strange and melancholic path. I’ve stumbled upon a meandering and hypnotic slice of kaleidoscopic ambience and downtempo guitar drone, titled “Everlasting Evening.” Appropriate, I guess.

This one comes from ambient etherealist Guilty Ghosts, a.k.a. Brooklynite Tristan O’Donnell, and dream-pop evocateur Sea Oleena, a.k.a. Montreal-based Charlotte Loseth.

Together, they craft a drift of reflective sound, completely spacious and softly comforting, almost like echoes in an infinite cavern of shimmering six-string effervescence. It’s all quite peaceful and serene, even as it soars in quivering drones and languorous breakbeats.

Honestly, before I stumbled upon this one, I was expecting to go an entirely different direction. And I suspect I’ll resume that path come tomorrow, or the next. But this eve, I’ve arrived at this meditative equilibrium. It’s pretty relaxing, and probably appropriate for my first official post of the month, all things considered. Plus, it’s got me exploring more of the Guilty Ghosts’ past creations.

“Everlasting Evening” comes from a 2011 album of mostly like-minded instrumentals, titled “Veils.” And it’s all really laid-back stuff, the kind that lulls you into a lucid subliminality, where you’re on the scintillating cusp between waking and dreaming, floating and falling. It’s great for the slow down, the come down, and the gateway to sleep … which is probably where I’m headed, once I wrap this post up.

Check out the sweet lullabies of Guilty Ghost’s “Everlasting Evening.”

“Everlasting Evening” from the 2011 album “Veils.”

Sea Oleena’s Charlotte Loseth. Photo sourced from artist’s Facebook.

But before I nod off, I want to mention one of Sea Oleena’s own ethereal offerings, appropriately titled “Shallow.” This one’s a wonderfully stripped-down dream-pop gem, from her 2014 album of the same name. It brings to mind a Lynchian “Twin Peaks” aura of smokey cabarets and velveteen comfort, the way Julee Cruise used to back in the ’80s, when she was soothing the surreal soul.

Check out Sea Oleena’s misty whispers in the minimal cascades that form “Shallow.”

“Shallow” from the 2014 album “Shallow.”

That’s all I’ve got for tonight. It’s a soft launch for August, but a welcome change of pace. Things will pick up soon. But in light of recent events, and the Western World’s descent into madness, I think I’ll keep it on the down-low for the time being. Good night.

Guilty Ghosts:

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