Big Electric Playlist, July 2019

It’s the start of August. That means it’s time to pay our respects to July’s tuneful cornucopia of aural offerings. So without further pontification, I bring you the latest colorful edition of the Big Electric Playlist, marking all the wonderful recommendations from July 2019.

July signifies the tenth month, since I kickstarted this whole blog thing. I’m only two months away from this being a year long tradition, which for me, is slightly mind-boggling. I honestly didn’t think I’d make it this far. And I still don’t know if anyone actually reads any of this. But whatever … and also, what’s a few more months?! Once there, it’ll mark an entire first year of personal music therapy and harmonic healing, as well as an all around sensory sound bath of melodic meditation, enjoyment, and all-purpose bliss. Of course, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, even though I’ll undoubtedly get there.

In the meantime, let’s start with July’s selections. This one’s a slimmer list than prior months, probably because I didn’t author as many posts. It happens. But I wasn’t really going for quantity, even though that can be satisfying on its own terms. I was more keen on getting lost in a few select artist catalogues. So my write-ups were longer, the embeds more robust, and the song selections more comprehensive, depending on what tangent I stumbled upon.

That said, I think there were seven or eight main acts covered, with anywhere from two to eight selections a piece. That maxes out at around three hours of listening time, which ain’t too shabby, all things considered.

I covered some L.A. synth-pop courtesy of Gemini Rising, a bit of Russian shoegaze and Siberian psy-ambient, from Life on Venus and AstroPilot, respectively, and the throwback ’60s Brit pop stylings of longtime vets Saint Etienne. There’s also some sunny selections from Australia’s Sunbeam Sound Machine, and some moodier ’80s new wave nostalgia from Philly’s Death of Lovers. And there’s a few other surprises, which I’ll leave to your exploration, should you choose to shuffle through the list.

I have a lot of plans for August, as far as what I intend to cover, many of which almost made it into July. But I also know myself well enough to know that my plans sometimes don’t mean shit. And instead, my mind’s meanderings might just take the driver’s seat, leading me down am entirely different path. Time will tell. For now, enjoy July’s compilation of the Big Electric Playlist. More to follow … eventually.