Big Electric Playlist, June 2019

This one should’ve gone out yesterday. But I was caught up redesigning my professional website. That’s still in bits and pieces, since it’s an extensive and involved undertaking. Lots of material to update and make user/mobile friendly, all so I can stay relevant, and thus, gainfully employed. Once that’s ready, I’ll link it up to this blog, just because I can. Plus, on a more sincere note, all of this music influences and inspires my vocational life, which can best be described as an artist for hire. But I digress.

A day late but still worth the wait, I give you the June edition of the Big Electric Playlist.

This time around, the B.E.P. represents a bit of a catch-up on earlier posts that have fallen by the wayside. Many of these selections come from a series of concerts in May. These include Aussie veteran psych outfit The Church, Brit-popped post-punk artists White Lies, and kaleidoscopic electro-breakbeat pioneers The Chemical Brothers. Also, there’s a fantastic show from June, featuring longtime alternative rock collective The Cult, adding an extra peppering of Native American-inspired flavor to the proceedings.

Since I wasn’t totally on it with the consistency of the posts, probably one every 2-3 days, the additional song selects are kind of all over the place – i.e. whatever was on my mind at that given point in time. That’s actually pretty normal for me. But with less frequency in the authoring, I think I notice it more.

There’s a trio of nu-gaze shoegaze gems from Aussie act Flyying Colours, “Wavygravy” being one of my favs, an industrial-infused coldwave groove, tagged “Check My Profile,” from Canadians Odonis Odonis, and an infectious deep house rhythm from Dominik Eulberg and Essáy, accurately titled “Dream Machine.” And if want an ethnic bent to your tunes, Beats Antique‘s dubby remix of Filastine’s “Colony Collapse,” or Speed Caravan‘s French-Algerian fusion-fest “Aissah Wah,” has you covered.

This outing runs just shy of 4.5 hours, so it should keep you busy and movin’, if you choose to give this playlist a spin. It’s probably best left on shuffle, since there’s a dominant collection of songs from essentially four artists, all from the aforementioned shows I featured. Or maybe not. If you happen to like either, or all, of these four acts, perhaps you want those selections to play straight through. Whatever suits you is how it should be. On that note, I leave you with the June selection of the Big Electric Playlist. Enjoy!