Dominik Eulberg & Essáy’s “Dream Machine”

Okay, tonight’s offering is a bit on the nose. But I love it all the same. It’s titled “Dream Machine,” and like it’s name suggests, it’s a warm, breezy, naturalistic deep house chiller that elevates and illuminates. It’s from German collaborators Dominik Eulberg & Simon Schilling, a.k.a. Essáy, both DJ’s and electronic artists of the organic variety, keeping tones and textures earthbound and grounded, while spreading the bliss with carefree spirit and spellbound sounds.

I caught this one in the car the other day, heading out to Santa Monica to help a friend sell her art at the Pride celebration in Santa Monica. I seem to be hearing a lot of good stuff in my vehicular travels lately, an improvised shuffle of a soundtrack for those transitory moments between destinations. “Dream Machine” is no different, offering a relaxed score of sunny perfection, perfect for a warm beachside drive on the coastal West Side. As I mentioned, it’s on the nose. But rightly so.

“Dream Machine” coasts at a cool and crisp 123 bpm’s, which still remains my go-to comfort zone for cozy and delicious deep house. There’s a minimal tech-beat that strings along the bassline. But it’s the dreamy aspect that shines, soft glares of synths scintillating among fantasy sequenced wood-winded instrumentals. There’s a laid-back warmth and comfort in the summer hazed groove, rolling on the sunnyside of reflective rhythm and euphoric melody. And even at a sprawling 8.5 minutes, it’s over before you know it, and you just want to coast through it again and again.

The duo behind “Dream Machine” is a curious concoction. Eulberg is the main man, a bit of an industry vet in his native Germany, as well as the surrounding European continent. He’s known for tackling deep house with a soulful organic vibe, overflowing with feel good melody, yet grounded enough to not oversaturate. Curiously, he’s also an ornithologist, which for those unfamiliar, is the study of birds. Essentially, when he’s not lighting up the dancefloor, he’s traversing the world, photographing and documenting the natural world, quite literally. So those organic qualities are truly of the genuine variety.

Eulberg’s collaborator Schilling, a.k.a. Essáy , is a younger up and coming DJ and artist, with a few singles and some great taste, if his Soundcloud page is any indication. He’s got a tech-house inspired single titled “Archangel” that seems to start breakbeat heavy, but eases quite seamlessly into a rhythmic ethereality that aligns quite nicely with “Dream Machine.” Likewise, he’s got a few remixes that demonstrate his breadth, exploring more ambient and lo-fi soundscapes. I quite like his reimagining of a track called “Remi,” from Australian downtempo electronic artist Kyson. Again, it further demonstrates why Eulberg would be drawn to him as creative collaborator.

That about does it for tonight’s post. Eulberg and Essáy’s “Dream Machine” seems well-suited for wrapping up the weekend and sending us into June’s Full Moon Monday. I’ve also included Essáy’s “Archangel” and remix of “Remi” as bonus embellishment. Plus, I just like listening to them. Enjoy tonight’s offerings and let them ease you into the land of meditative dreams.

Dominic Eulberg & Essáy’s 2017 “Dream Machine.”

Essáy’s single “Archangel” from the 2019 compilation “A Winter Sampler.”

Essáy’s remix of Kyson’s single “Remi” from the 2012 album “Blackstone.”

Dominik Eulberg: