Odonis Odonis wants you to “Check My Profile”

Actually, I’d rather you didn’t … check my profile, that is. You’ll probably have trouble anyway, since I’m a bit anti-social … media. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’m just too busy to deal with it, thus I currently offer minimal participation … at least for the time being. Okay, that’s enough sentences with ellipses. So onto tonight’s offering …

Odonis Odonis is a Canadian electro-industrial outfit that leans heavy into the synth riffs and menacing vocal chasms, while sporting a slight psychedelic shoegaze vibe amongst all the echo phase and wash. Some of their material goes full-on industrial, others take strange and interesting turns through the kaleidoscopic looking glass. It’s a bit darker, slightly minimalistic, and all around trippier than the usual metallic clank and bang affair that the genre tends to endorse. But I think that’s what makes this trio interesting, and worthy of a few rounds in the old Spotify shuffle.

In fact, that’s how I landed on them this eve. Although, I’ve heard them before … at least a few tracks. Part Time Punks, the KXLU radio program and often-sponsor of many shows at SoCal venue the Echoplex/Echo, tends to hold them to high esteem, as they do much of the alternative skewed genres – coldwave, darkwave, industrial, shoegaze, dream pop, etc. So Odonis Odonis fits comfortably amongst these aural ruins.

“Check My Profile” is one of the groovier tracks I’ve heard from them, if you could ever use that term with the threesome. It’s still a shady affair, with low humming synths and slight whims of menace. But it’s also sorta funky, in an electro-synth kind of way. And it’s got a drop that stacks its industrial grind firmly atop an electronic wall of sound. Needless to say, it works well at high volumes, sticking to the heavier rhythms, yet never feels too jarring to be entirely off-putting, particularly for the uninitiated.

I guess you could call this a gateway industrial song, or maybe something more akin to coldwave or synthwave, primarily due to its inclination to remain entirely listenable, and even, dare I say. melodic. Not all of Odonis Odonis’ material falls into this world. “Check My Profile” hails from the 2017 album “No Pop,” which pretty much is a statement on their decade-long sound. But surprisingly, more often than not, they tend to wander towards the aural light, broadcasting captivating experiments from shimmers in the shadowlands.

Check out their profile and see for yourself. Here’s Odonis Odonis’ “Check My Profile” for your listening pleasure/displeasure, or maybe as your social media soundtrack. Whatever … this one’s good stuff. Enjoy!

“Check My Profile” from the 2017 album “No Pop.”