“Wendy Legs” from Eli & Fur

Off to a late start this eve, so I’m going to keep this one short. I caught this catchy little tech-infused deep house single called “Wendy Legs” on my night drive home from work. It was a later session than usual, so my senses were a little out of whack. And this Anjunadeep release graced my car stereo at just the right moment, when my mind was adrift, and I almost forgot to fill up the tank. That’s metaphorical … but I actually did need to get gas. So yeah … I was susceptible to suggestion. And quite frankly, the evening called for it.

Anyway, “Wendy Legs” comes from UK DJ/producer duo Eli & Fur. Their real names are Eliza Noble and Jennifer Skillman, and they’ve been together since 2013. I’ve read they used to craft pop music, but eventually transitioned into DJing, and ultimately producing their own slick rhythms. Good thing, too. These girls know how to build a subtle progressive groove, melodic and deep, with just the right amount of tech-house flavor to keep things lively and interesting.

“Wendy Legs” cruises at a punchy 123 bpm’s, which seems to be my comfort zone these days. It’s got enough drive to keep the toes tapping, while still keeping the beats lax enough for the long-haul. It doesn’t burn you dry and run you down, instead rolling at a steady enough clip to maintain the marathon experience. In other words, if movin’ and groovin’ is your thing, then this one should slip into your late night sets with ease.

Also, I think Eli & Fur’s pop roots actually come in handy here. There’s no vocals or anything like that. Although, some of their other tracks do offer those extras. It’s more their rhythmic progressions and synth sequences, which offer a softer counterpoint to the starker techno beats. This is definitely deep house, but smartly shallow enough for most to swim in without sinking or drowning. But you can still get lost in it, if you so choose.

Here’s Eli & Fur’s “Wendy Legs” to take you past the witching hour and into the morning. I’m starting with the Soundcloud embed, since that has the whole experience from start to end. And if that works for you, I’ve got the inevitable Spotify embed to add to your own. Enjoy!

“Wendy Legs” from the 2017 Single “Chlo / Wendy Legs.”