“Beautiful Ensemble” by Eburnean Rhythm & FXH

I’m going to wrap up the day with some uplifting trance from production duo Eburnean Rhythm & FXH. They’re from Singapore, rather than the typical European or Israeli camps. And that makes them unique to me, since I don’t hear tons of quality electronica from that part of the world. Doesn’t mean it ain’t there. Just that I’m a little behind in my exposure. But no time like the present to see what’s up.

And that brings me to this blissful blast of euphoria titled “Beautiful Ensemble.” As its name suggests, its all about trippin’ the highs of melodic sensation and joyous ecstasy. Admittedly, I don’t listen to too much of this brand of trance anymore. I used to be addicted to it, way back around the early 2000’s, when I was in my second wave of clubbing, dancing the trance fantastic, somewhere between the beautific and the psychedelic, all high bpm’s, and super-fun to peak through the night and into the morning. “Beautiful Ensemble” is all about peaking, and thus, would’ve fit quite comfortably into those mad-capped all-nighters of yore.

So I’m quite surprised to find myself enjoying this one as much as I do. I stumbled upon it on my morning drive to work, which seems to remain one of my go-to’s for music discovery. I doubt most would be into 138 bpm’s of high octane euphoria at 8:30 in the morning, while stuck in a mudflow of traffic. But oddly, it hit the spot, and set my day up for an all around positive outlook and overall pleasant vibe.

I think the appeal rests in its somewhat moderate (if such a thing exists) take on the epic and anthemic, which it definitely has in spades. But it stops short of the synth wash overkill, which these days, tends to wear thin pretty quickly. Of course, I’m guessing that depends on your point of view, and what your ears consider too much or too little. As the years have gone on, I myself have lost the taste for the massive synth tsunami that’s prevalent in today’s trance. So count me surprised that I’m totally cool with this one. But like I said, it doesn’t totally overdo it.

There’s also a subtle organic quality, which I find warms up the energetic arpeggios and bombastic progressions, nudging it towards a natural euphoria, sans the need for external enhancement. Although, if that’s your thing, I can only imagine where you’ll end up. I’m sure it’ll be good, and entirely impossible to put into words. That is how pure sensation tends to work.

Anyway, it’s getting late, and I need to get some rest. So I’ll leave you with this embed to “Beautiful Ensemble” from Eburnean Rhythm & FXH. Enjoy!

“Beautiful Ensemble” from the 2018 EP “Beautiful Ensemble.”

Eburnean Rhythm: