ACTORS @ the Echoplex on 03.24.19

I’ve got one last post to wrap up the month of April. Admittedly, I thought tomorrow would end the month. But I seem to have lost track of time, mistakenly adding an extra day to the week. So this one’s it.

It’s a show from last month, featuring Vancouver-based indie outfit ACTORS, who played the Echoplex in L.A. on 03.24.19. I sincerely intended to post this one in a more timely manner. But I just haven’t been in the proper mood. And when I have, I just lacked the time or the energy. But I’ve finally got it all prepped and posted for tonight. So I guess, better late than never. Plus, I’ve got a more evolved perspective and focused clarity. And it’s always good fun to revisit these shows.

I first covered ACTORS back in November of last year, with a catchy little coldwave tune titled “L’appel Du Vide,” loosely translated as “The Call of the Void.” Ever since, I’ve been curious about these guys live. Their music teeters between blistery post-punk pop and melodic raucous shadow rock. So they seem like they’d have the raw vigor and verve to pull off a spirited performance.

That’s essentially what ACTORS brought to the Echoplex stage. They’ve only been at it for a few years, with one album, last year’s “It Will Come to You,” and a handful of singles and EPs. That makes them fairly new to the game … at least, in their current fourpiece incarnation. But they’ve got a hell of a start. Their on-stage sound is taut and tense, bass heavy, driving, and rough around all the right edges. Frontman Jason Corbett’s vocals are forward in the mix, a little cleaner, clearer, and more direct than their studio recordings. Guessing the vocal mix leans heavier on the effects and processing on album. It works either way … so cool.

On a related note, ACTORS kind of reminds me of another post-punk act, the British outfit White Lies, who incidentally are performing next week at the Fonda in Hollywood. Not to plug another band during this post. But sure, why not? ACTORS has a similar energy and stage presence to these Brits. Of course, they sound and look different. But the vibe is all the same, so consider that a complement.

I’ve got seven tracks from the Echoplex show, including the aforementioned “L’appel Du Vide.” Originally, I was on the fence as to whether I’d include them all. But like I said, the time that’s passed has given me some perspective. And upon watching and hearing these tracks again, I’m finding myself really enjoying the trip down memory lane, moreso than I remember, when I first considered authoring this post.

Standouts include the single “Post Traumatic Love,” the rowdy “How Deep is the Hole?” and the catchier pop-punk numbers “Crystal” and “We Don’t Have to Dance.” I’ve also tacked on a couple of oldies from their catalogue, the moodier “Bury Me,” which I’m liking more and more, and the snappy “Like U Want 2.”

Here’s ACTORS at the Echoplex on 03.24.19. Enjoy!

ACTORS perform “Crystal” @ the Echoplex on 03.24.19.

ACTORS perform “Post Traumatic Love” @ the Echoplex on 03.24.19.

ACTORS perform “We Don’t Have to Dance” @ the Echoplex on 03.24.19.

ACTORS perform “L’appel Du Vide” @ the Echoplex on 03.24.19.

ACTORS perform “How Deep is the Hole?” @ the Echoplex on 03.24.19.

ACTORS perform “Bury Me” @ the Echoplex on 03.24.19.

ACTORS perform “Like U Want 2” @ the Echoplex on 03.24.19.