Geographer’s “Summer of My Discontentment”

I’m off to a later start than usual, so I’ll keep this post as brief and focused as I’m capable. Tonight, I’ve got Los Angeles-based indie act Geographer and their soulful single “Summer of My Discontentment.” Although somewhat up-front in its pop intentions, this one still manages to creep up on you, revealing a few colorful surprises.

Admittedly, I was on the fence with Mike Deni’s vocals. He’s got that sort of measured nasally palate, semi-sweet, kind of monotone, yet still agreeable, like many indie acts these days. But he’s kind of grown on me, thanks to his emotional sincerity and authenticity. And thankfully, there’s no millennial whoop to it, which is a plus. He’s also the primary member and founder of Geographer, so that would’ve been a bummer if I couldn’t get past his voice.

The real drive of this single is a beautiful piano riff that spans the duration, balancing the melancholic wanderlust of memory lane with an understated burst of optimistic fervor. At least, that’s what it feels like. And from what I’ve read, Deni mentions this as the first song he wrote while homeless, somewhere between his former city of San Francisco and his future life in L.A. So that sort of syncs up, and explains where he’s coming from.

Plus, I think the title “Summer of My Discontentment” rings true in my mind. I think I’ve had a few of them, if I’m being completely honest. Maybe not of the homeless variety. But certainly those of restlessness and frustration … for any number of reasons. So I can relate.

“Summer of My Discontentment” comes from the 2019 album “New Jersey,” referencing his true home, and the life he left behind, before settling on the West Coast. From what I can tell, if you like this single, then the album will definitely settle comfortably in whatever listening excursions you may embark on.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight. Here’s Geographer’s “Summer of My Discontentment.” Enjoy!

“Summer of My Discontentment” from the 2019 album “New Jersey.”