Sterling Grove’s “La Vigie,” plus a little extra

I caught this one on the way home from work, stuck in traffic, head in the clouds, thinking about taking a run on the beach, and what to eat for dinner. None of that has much to do with anything related to Sterling Grove’s sexy smooth groove “La Vigie” … except for maybe my mindset. But it did push me to take notice.

I think I first heard Sterling Grove a few years back. Not entirely sure when, but I remember really diggin’ the Canadian duo’s chilled down tempo, casually rhythmic and open aired. They reminded me of Flight Facilities, the more relaxed stuff, and Bonobo, when they hit those warm organic blends.

Tonight, I had Sterling Grove on my phone’s playlist … and yes, I do keep a local stockpile of music on my iPhone, for those moments when Spotify and my cell reception just ain’t cutting it. And “La Vigie” just happened to creep onto the car stereo in that space in between.

Anyway, that’s a long intro for this Montreal-based electronic duo, and this particular track … which incidentally, I’m liking more and more as I compose this post. But really, I think I needed the verbosity to get things back up to speed. Admittedly, It’s been awhile since I’ve given Sterling Grove a listen. And thank the universe for reminding me. Their music possesses just the right degree of cool rhythmic ambience and subtle euphoria to offset some of the moodier broods I’ve been having.

“La Vigie” comes from Sterling Grove’s 2017 debut LP “Parallel Lines.” It’s one of the slower numbers, and rolls with subtle breakbeat percussion, blanketed by a warm set of keys and laid-back bluesy string-work. It features velvety vocals from Ellyn Woods & Dominique Fils-Aimé, as well as some smooth groove love from Black Lotus. All of this rolls together into a silky, sexy cabaret crawl of smoky delight and electro space, lightly accented for horizontal headspace dancing … whatever you interpret that to be.

I’ll leave it at that. Here’s Sterling Grove’s “La Vigie” for your chillaxing pleasure.

“La Vigie” from the 2017 album “Parallel Lines.”

And just because I’m feeling it, I’m adding “One Year Ago” to the mix. This one features guest vocalist MUNYA, who frequents five of the tracks on “Parallel Lines,” including this one. This time, Sterling Grove aims a little higher with more tempo in their step. But it’s still a smooth groove, easy on the ears and easygoing in general. Plus, it shows another side of these Canadians, which they’re probably more well known for. Enjoy!

“One Year Ago” from the 2017 album “Parallel Lines.”

Sterling Grove: