“Goodbye” from Goat

Here’s a weird and wonderful one. It’s called “Goodbye” and it’s a psychedelic folk instrumental from Swedish art-rock and fusion experimentalists Goat. I actually was introduced to this band a few years back with one of their eclectic live albums. Never heard of them before. But the person who opened the door absolutely loved them. Even saw them a few times, when he previously lived in Europe.

What I heard back then was all kinds of crazy … ultra-wanky, over-the-top, kaleidoscopic, epic, progressive guitar rock on an eleven scale. I mean, this shit was absolutely nuts, played with complete command and cultish commitment. It also had this polarizing effect on listeners. You either loved it, or you couldn’t stand it. But it was compelling nonetheless. I obviously landed in the former camp, having since made efforts to follow their craft, wherever it might meander. And it does … often … to surprising and stimulating effect.

“Goodbye” is a prime example of this. It came out in 2016 on the album “Requiem,” which plays like reimagined ’60s psychedelic folk-rock, to my ears. It’s not quite that aforementioned live album I was describing. It’s way more chill than that. But it shares a similar level of dedication and devotion to the retrodelic whims. The centerpiece is a West African string instrument known as a kora. It’s like a mandolin or a dulcimer with 21 strings. I’m not sure what it sounds like in other songs. But in Goat’s world, it’s an acidic trip back to medieval and renaissance vibes, a period perfect jam of jester rock and celebratory spirits.

Funny thing is that earlier today, I was actually at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Southern California. It’s probably how “Goodbye” subliminally seeped into my mind and onto this blog. I’ve had it sitting around for awhile, just waiting for some inspiration to bring it up. The Renaissance Faire did the trick. Anyway, for those who don’t know, the event is kinda like a free-for-all costume party and arts/crafts shopping mall, themed from the 14th to 17th centuries of European history. I say free-for-all, because I’m pretty sure steampunk and Game of Thrones didn’t exist during the era. But the Renaissance gist is there, as well as squires, knights, and the usual royalty and riff-raff, complete with stage plays, jousting, and period “bands.”

So this “Goodbye” post came out of all that. Enjoy the period stylings of Goat!

“Goodbye” from the 2016 album “Requiem.”