Big Electric Playlist, March 2019

Wow, I can’t believe it’s April already. March has flown by entirely too fast. That means it’s time once again for the Big Electric Playlist, compiling all the various offerings on display in last month’s posts. Admittedly, I was hoping the selection would be a bit more robust. I certainly had planned for it. But the best laid aren’t always the reality that’s encountered and experienced. So we all make due with what’s leftover. And in this case, as is the case with many others, what’s leftover still encapsulates a plethora of great stuff to behold and partake.

The March selection clocks in at around 4 hrs, and 24 mins. and boasts a collection of 51 tracks. Not too shabby, and a step up from last month, both in duration and quantity, But who’s really counting, when the really important factor is quality … and maybe just a little bit of coolness.

For starters, it would seem the concert season is starting to kick back up, as there’s a number of tracks from such featured performances as Ladytron, Mazzy Star, Kikagaku Moyo, Warpaint, Moby and Peter Murphy & David J (ex-Bauhaus), as well as a couple of relatively newer indie openers, Britain’s Desert Mountain Tribe, and SoCal’s own Swimm.

There’s also a fine selection of so-called “undiscovered” artists, DIY, electronic, psychedelic, dream-pop, post-punk, coldwave, and even a little industrial. These tend to be the usual suspects in my current wheelhouse. Nevertheless, they’re all worth your time, whether your into it or not. Broaden your horizons, as they say … of which, I hope to take some of my own advice in the months ahead, with some new styles and textures added to the ongoing continuous mix. But I digress …

A couple of standouts of note …Skober’s remix of Monika Kruse‘s techno opus “Highway No. 4,” the coldwave warmth of She Wants Revenge‘s “Kiss the Night Away,” dream-pop galore from Snow in Mexico with “Breath” and “Thirteen,” and a pseudo-psychedelic industrial stunner from FUTURE (or FTR), titled “Colors.” There’s more than that, of course. But those are the ones that come to mind at the moment.

I’ve given this one a few test spins on shuffle, and it definitely doe the trick. Honestly, it’s hard to tell if these playlists work or not, until I put them through there paces. They’re assembled with a such random spontaneity, built on a day-by-day schedule with no actual plan other than what I’m feeling. So I hope this one works as well as prior efforts.

Enjoy the March edition of the Big Electric Playlist …