Sun Dial’s “Fly Into the Sun”

Just gonna get a quick post in before I crash hard for the evening. I’m setting the time machine for 1995, with a lo-fi psychedelic rock number titled “Fly into the Sun” from British indie act Sun Dial.

I haven’t listened to these guys in ages. But I remember a friend “discovered” them a few months back. I sort of didn’t think anything of it … other than, yeah, I used to love those guys. Well, I’ve been thinking of assembling a late night playlist for those after hours sessions in the workplace. I seem to be having a few of those lately. So I figured it’s high time to get myself prepped in the nocturnal chill down groove.

And for starters, I thought of Sun Dial, who actually factored heavily into many 3 a.m. affairs, when I co-owned a multimedia company back in San Francisco. It was one of those live-work environments, a vintage brick warehouse with an eclectic history of past tenants … horses, porn, Bebe clothing, and the iconoclastic rock band The Residents. It was also haunted. And during my occupancy, music factored greatly into the overall atmosphere and aesthetic, Sun Dial being one of those heavy rotation acts that set the spirit.

There’s a lot of tracks I like from these guys. And it was hard to pick just one. “Fly into the Sun” just happened to be a repeat player for many marathon sessions during those days. It’s one of those electric-acoustic guitar numbers that rambles in downtempo acid rock grooves, the type that could fill a cavernous 1920s open-beam warehouse. There’s also a going out to the desert and trippin’ vibe oozing from the hazy psychedelic riffs, nothing too heavy, nor overtly paisley. Yet it’s filled with kaleidoscopic stoner melodies, sun bleached and washed over in rays of mellow warmth, beamed directly from ’60s-’70s meandering guitar-craft.

“Fly into the Sun” comes from the album “Acid Yantra,” a title which pretty much says all that needs to be said, complete with colorfully messy hallucinogenic cover art. As I mentioned, it was a past favorite … and upon current listens, still remains a classic gem in the pantheon of all things psychedelia.

I think I’m gonna use this one to ease me into tonight’s much needed slumber. And on that note, I’ll leave you with Sun Dial’s horizontal trip into laid-back groove “Fly into the Sun.” See if this one fits into your late night rhythm. Enjoy!

“Fly into the Sun” from the 1995 album “Acid Yantra.”