ShitKid’s “Favourite Thing”

Admittedly, I think I chose this one on the basis of name alone. I mean, ShitKid … how could I not? The song’s called “Favourite Thing,” and sounds like it could’ve stumbled out of a Chelsea Wolfe drunken stupor. It’s kind of grungey and grimey, sleazy and sexy, sort of subversive, and slightly pissed off, in a passive aggressive sarcastic kind of way. It’s not quite as darkly doom-oriented, or as monumentally heavy-handed as that aforementioned artist. But it’s the first thing that popped in my head when I heard it. So let’s call it a compliment.

ShitKid is Åsa Söderqvist, a Swedish artist that feels punk in attitude and post-punk in sound, albeit of the lo-fi variety. I’ve seen the phrase “anti-pop” tossed around with mentions of SkitKid. I guess that’s as good a descriptor as any. There seems to be an anti-something going on. It also sports one of those slowcore grinds, a sludgey churning crawl of loud lazy rhythm. And Åsa’s vocals have that seductive slinky pitch that seems to entrance, while simultaneously giving you the finger. At least, that’s what it feels like.

But hey, I don’t mind. She’s got the “fuck all” attitude, does it with a smile, and has the creative chops to boot. I’m not saying this is for everyone. Yet in it’s own special way, it totally works. Maybe that’s because she’s Swedish, and a lot of the Scandinavian talent tends to tilt expectations towards the eccentric and eclectic, offering a uniquely skewed perspective on traditional genres. Or maybe she’s just a true blooded punk at heart.

Either way, I think I’m going to wrap this up with an interview snippet I just ran across, describing the meaning of ShitKid. I figured it was fairly self-explanatory. But according to Åsa, “Shitkid is English for ‘skitunge’ which is a tale parents used to tell to scare their children away from playing rock music – like a boogey-man!” That quote comes from from May 2017. Don’t know it. Just found it.

Hmm … I’ve since looked up the term “skitunge” on a few translation sites. I’m not Scandanavian, nor do I know the language, or anyone who speaks it. Translations seem to indicate “terror,” or “brat,” which is in the ballpark. Although, I’m guessing Åsa’s got a bit personal history attached to it too. I’d say all of that appropriately nails down the vibe of this track.

Anyway, here’s ShitKid’s sludgey anti-pop anthem “Favourite Thing.” Enjoy it in whichever way seems fitting.

“Favourite Thing” from the 2018 EP “This is It.”