Big Electric Playlist, February 2019

Sticking with tradition, all six months of it, here’s the February edition of the Big Electric Playlist. This selection includes all the songs and singles featured in February’s posts. It’s an abbreviated month, so the offerings are a bit less this go around – that is, in terms of quantity. But that said, there’s a lot of great material in this smaller package.

It’s an eclectic and eccentric mix, much of it vintage, with a few modern selects to keep things lively. Last month was more loosey goosey in my selection process. Sometimes I have a plan. A lot of times, I’m just making shit up as I go along. February leaned fully on the latter, improvisation and wanderlust being the key.

On that note, I’ve got oldies from alternative brooders Joy Division and The Cure, some shoegaze from fuzz-school pioneers The Boo Radleys and Drop Nineteens, orchestral adaptations of modern electronica from deadmau5, a catalogue-spanning setlist from L.A.-based prog indie chicks Warpaint, and a handful of cool acts I just stumbled upon, like The Holy, Trementina, Clinic, and Gemini Rising.

This month’s Big Electric Playlist runs a slim 4 hours and 9 minutes, which is shorter than previous entries. But due to the spontaneity of selection, and diversity of type, time might not be a significant factor. This one jumps all over the place, if you’ve got things set to shuffle. So be prepared for that. Otherwise, enjoy!