Brothertiger’s “Shallow”

Trying something different tonight. Lately, I’ve been posting some lengthy diatribes on bands I really love. And I’m totally cool with that. But in the process, I’ve unintentionally zapped a lot of my energy/inspiration to tackle some of the one-off’s I’ve stumbled upon. So I’m going to aim for brevity, and see if I can cross a couple of these off the list. And just for the hell of it, I think I’ll keep my selections random and spontaneous.

So the first spin on the Spotify wheel lands on electronic artist Brothertiger, a.k.a. John Jagos, and his laid-back shuffle groove “Shallow.” As one-man bedroom acts go, this guy seems pretty tapped into the feel-good synth-happy ambience of ’80s inspired euphoric chillwave. He tends to keep things simple and spatial, soaked in pleasant soothing melodies, familiar and catchy, offering plenty of room to breathe without clearing too much open space. In many ways, he reminds me of Washed Out.

“Shallow” reclines quite comfortably in this downtempo zone. It’s sequenced with one of those casual rhythmic saunters. There’s warmth in the synths, and light in its step. And it strolls and rolls with lazy, hazy ease, steady and unconcerned with any urgency or destination. In that way, it’s got a Zen quality to it, cool and casual, tempered with a lax groovy tempo and some tranquil beats.

But this ain’t ambient electronica. Nor is it a metaphysical affair. The hazy, spacey tones and textures might elicit meditative meanderings, for sure. But the chill-out ambience and relaxed rhythms lean closer to synth-pop bliss, albeit a lo-fi one, evoking auras of sun-soaked siestas and beachy vibes … at least, that’s where I go with “Shallow” in my ears. Or maybe that’s just me wanting summer to return. Hmmm …

Well, like I said, I’m keeping things short tonight. So on that note, here’s Brothertiger’s “Shallow” for your chill-laxation. Feel free to kick it and unwind.

“Shallow” from the 2019 single.