Stan Kolev’s “Derive”

I’ve been a little inconsistent this month on the posts, so I’m going to kick out a second one this eve to make up for yesterday’s absence. After my previous epic rant on orchestral deadmau5, I’m going to slim down the language, refocus the energy, and steer the beat back into progressive house territory.

This one comes from Miami-based, Bulgarian born DJ/Producer Stan Kolev, and it’s a barnstormer of dancefloor groove titled “Derive.” In the annals of progressive electronica, this one goes deep, flavored with Middle Eastern spice, acidic vibes, and some minimal aural haunts for vocals. It’s funky as all hell, and it sports a rhythm that’s borderline tech-house, running at a slick 123 bpm’s.

Earlier today, I ran across it while doing some errands, and I haven’t been able to shake its eccentricities from my thoughts. It’s got a lot of disparate elements stirring the sonic pot, but it all seems to mix and meld with just the right beat-based balance. And it’s got enough layers to keep the build subtle yet exciting. Plus, the ethnic string-laced vibe nudges this one out of the typical tech-laced bump and grind, warming the locomotive rhythm with organic hues and worldly weaves.

I’ve heard Kolev’s name before, yet never quite got around to exploring his catalogue. After “Derive,” I’m definitely going to dive in and see what other undiscovered grooves (at least, from my p.o.v.) he’s got stashed away. He’s been active since 2003, with a number of albums and EPs under his belt. So there’s no shortage to choose from.

Give Stan Kolev’s rhythmic wonder “Derive” a spin. If you like deep progressive house, you won’t be disappointed. And if this isn’t your thing, try it on for size anyway. This could be your gateway entry into electronic bliss. Enjoy the YouTube embed in its entirety, for starters. And if it suits you, click that Spotify embed to stash this one for yourself!

Stan Kolev’s 2017 single “Derive.”

And the Spotify embed …

“Derive” from the 2017 EP “Derive.”