Gemini Rising’s “After the Rain”

It’s been a lazy laid-back Friday, so I’m going to keep things simple and short. Every now and then, I just happen to gravitate towards a tune that embodies those very straightforward qualities. It may not be entirely remarkable, nor inspirational in a colorfully descriptive language sort of way. But it’s brevity and ease make it wholly appealing, listenable, and ultimately fulfilling.

Such is the case with Gemini Rising’s “After the Rain,” a catchy forward-thinking harmonic homage to the feel-good feelies of ‘80s synth pop. This one just exudes that nocturnal new romantic vibe of the era, colored in splashy graphic neon fluorescence and stylishly bold expressive innocence.

Melodically, it’s got all the hallmarks of the genre … lush analog synths, clever drum patterns, crisp upfront vocals, and modest memorable melodies. And quite frankly, that’s all it really needs. Anything else would just clutter it up, and/or take away from its sonorous simplicity.

Gemini Rising fits comfortably among throwback contemporaries like The Midnight, Trans Atlantic Crush, or The New Division, all of which share an overt love for the era. But imitation, this is not. The trio, who base themselves in the City of Angels (a.k.a. Los Angeles) are firmly planted in the present, even if they’re channeling the past. Retro-future might be the correct term. But really, they’re just elaborating on the electro-fused style and spirit of all those inspirational ‘80s classics.

These guys and gals are a fairly young band, sporting only a self-titled four-track EP and a couple of singles, all of which resonate on a similar ‘80s frequency. So in short, “After the Rain” represents early beginnings, a bit raw on the rhythm, yet full of promising potential. It’s a standout start, which has me looking forward to what comes next.

Check out the synth-pop simplicity of Gemini Rising’s “After the Rain.” Enjoy!

“After the Rain” from the 2017 EP single.