Trementina’s “Hazy Youth”

After yesterday’s pause, I’m kick-starting the evening with some Chilean shoegaze, which until today, I didn’t realize was a thing. The track’s titled “Hazy Youth,” and comes from fourpiece noisemakers Trementina.

At a brief three minutes, “Hazy Youth” sounds exactly like its name implies. It’s washed over in a fuzzed splash of warped delay and warbled reverb, guitars slightly out of tune, a bit sloppy and misshapen, yet strangely hypnotic, alluring and deliriously disorienting. The vocals chime in a counter direction, simmered and shined in soft whispered hushes and bright sunny hues. This is music definitely built for the wall of sound, and although contemporary, feels very much at home with their pioneering predecessors.

From what I’ve gleaned from interviews and such, Trementina seems to be quite proud of the shoegaze label, as well as the often overt homage to their influences … at least, concerning their earlier material. There’s the obvious lot, like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, the former for the off-kilter noise whirls, the latter for the dream-laced polish. I hear a few contemporary flourishes, as well, such as the unfiltered spangle blasts of Pinkshinyultrablast, or the pitched feedback frenzies of Astrobrite.

“Hazy Youth” comes from the 2014 album “Almost Reach the Sun,” which carries the sonic blister throughout its eight tracks. I’ve read criticism that it echoes some of their peers a touch too much. And maybe it does. But like I mentioned, they seem to be good with it. Plus, their reverence for the shoegaze spirit opens windows in the wall of sound, sonically suited for their particular part of the world to peer through. Nothing wrong with sharing the wealth.

Check out Trementina’s pleasant blast to the noise-popped past with “Hazy Youth.” It’s short and sweet, makes a lot of noise, and welcomes another country into the shoegaze fold. Enjoy!

“Hazy Youth” from the 2014 album “Almost Reach the Sun.”