Big Electric Playlist, January 2019

Here we are again with another edition of the Big Electric Playlist. This one’s the first of the new year, and it’s off to a healthy start … at least, musically speaking.

Like it’s predecessors, the January chapter features all the music from the month’s many postings. There’s a bunch of singles and remixes, mostly obscure (Mikko Joensuu, The Gentlemen Losers, Documenta), a few noticeable classics (The Charlatans, MGMT, The Cult), and a fair share of progressive techno and house (UMEK, Julian Wasserman, Bengal). Since there were no concerts attended, I pulled a couple from the archives. I have a lot of shows I’ve collected over the years, all of which occurred before the start of this whole blog thing. So thanks to that, I’ve got flashback shows for David Byrne and Air.

Compared to December’s magnum opus of a playlist, this one runs considerably shorter. It tops out at 5 hours. But giving it a few shuffled outings, it feels tighter, more concise, and solid. I hope you feel the same.

Here’s the Big Electric Playlist, the January 2019 edition, to start the Aquarian cycle off right . In layman’s terms, that means February. Enjoy!