Gulp’s “Morning Velvet Sky”

While I was assembling the previous post, I ran across this nifty Welsh act Gulp, and their sunny pop-drenched ray of roaming psychedelia titled “Morning Velvet Sky.” It seems to complement the night’s aural affairs, recently preoccupied by some remixed Goldfrapp. With this particular track, Gulp appear as kindred spirits, warm and dreamy, carefree and breezy, yet infused with style and smarts. And at the very least, this one plays well with others.

“Morning Velvet Sky” is infused with kaleidoscopic determination, driven by a percussive electro-rhythm and groove-induced motoring bassline, all saturated in happy hippie trippy vibes. It feels slightly vintage, maybe ’60s pop or ’70s prog, yet filtered through a satin veil of lo-fi minimalist electronica. It’s got both momentum and nonchalance, totally focused yet meandering at will. You can dance to it, or recline and let it wash over. And it’s got innocence to spare, pure, direct, untainted, and unfiltered. The title alone says it all.

Gulp’s primary members are vocalist/keyboardist Lindsey Leven and bassist Guto Pryce, who some might recognize from Super Furry Animals. The couple, who really are a couple, are joined by guitarist Gid Goundrey and various friends, too numerous to name, on drums. The point of it all is that they’re a true traditional outfit, sticking to the organic essentials to whip up some retro dream-laced psych-pop gems for today’s paisley-struck coulture.

As I’ve been writing this, I’ve been giving the rest of the album a listen. “Morning Velvet Sky” comes from 2018’s “All Good Wishes,” which features this fun illustration on it’s cover, kinda reminiscent of ’70s fantasy art. It also looks suspiciously like a hobbit bong, although I don’t think that’s really what it is. Anyway, “All Good Wishes” sticks with the spiritual plan, channeling eclectic eras of old with bare feet firmly planted in the hear and now. It’s well worth a listen.

For now, though, I’m going to stick with it’s single “Morning Velvet Sky.” I’ve got a bit of an obsession with it. This one just feels like a return to the simple pleasures of life. It’s serenely primal, full of barebones inspiration, slightly hallucinogenic, and bathed in sonic beauty. It’s what modern psychedelic pop should sound like. Take a gander at Gulp and give this one a listen …

“Morning Velvet Sky” from the 2018 album “All Good Wishes.”

Behold the shimmering flare-filled beams of hazy delight in Gulp’s official music video for “Morning Velvet Sky.”