Chris Liebing’s “Burn Slow Remix” of Goldfrapp’s “Everything is Never Enough”

Let’s start the evening with a remix of Goldfrapp’s upbeat electro-pop single “Everything is Never Enough” by German DJ/producer Chris Liebing. Exciting, yes? Except this one plays against type. It ain’t the slammin’ techno number one would expect, especially given Liebing’s club-trotting credentials. In fact, this rendition doesn’t even stick with the original’s tempo, instead opting for a slow-burn slither and crawl affair. And it totally works.

This makes all kinds of sense, given Alison Goldfrapp’s vocals are adaptable like that. She possesses a distinct range, skirting a soft sultry essence alongside more direct pop-induced flavors, as well as brief flirtations with psychedelic folk and smarmy cabaret. You can speed up the flow, bring it to a crawl, bombard it with electronics, or strip it down to barebones acoustics. It’ll still sound like Goldfrapp.

Alison is one half of the English duo, the other being synthesist Will Gregory. He’s the guy responsible for all those multi-layered arrangements that have defined seven albums worth of pop-centric eclecticism. “Everything is Never Enough,” in its original dancier incarnation, comes from their latest LP “Silver Eye,” which has since been reissued as a “Deluxe Edition,” featuring a number of remixes, including this one.

Chris Liebing. Photo sourced from artist’s Facebook.

Under the watchful eye of Liebing’s techno sorcery, a moodier vibe is conjured, one that expands the spatial qualities through lo-fi mysticism, clearing the floor for Alison’s vocals to breathe freely and openly. As a result, there’s a bit more potency to the proceedings, despite taking a step or two back, in terms of bpms. And to be clear, this is in no way a slight to Gregory’s original songcraft, which by the way, is excellent. It’s just a different perspective, gleaned through the sharper lens of techno intensity.

This remix rework feels appropriate for a track titled “Everything is Never Enough.” I wouldn’t mistake Goldfrapp for a political band, no more than any other electronic-based art-infused synth-pop dance act. But given a more prolonged pace, a metaphor nonetheless unfolds, or at the very least, makes itself more apparent. Whether intentional or not, poetic or pointed, this one bears an astute observation, particularly in the times we now live in.

Anyway, regardless of message, Chris Liebing’s “Burn Slow Remix” of Goldfrapp’s “Everything is Never Enough” is an engaging and enjoyable listen, sure to satisfy fans and newcomers alike. For me, Goldfrapp has always been one of those go-to’s for intelligent pop escapism, offering artistry amidst playful hooks and catchy grooves. It’s a shortcut to a better mood, a quick easy path to feel-good feng shui. Liebing honors those traits, while injecting a few of his own, expanding the sonic scope, revealing undiscovered perspectives with serendipitous effect.

Check it out for yourself.

“Everything is Never Enough (Chris Liebing Burn Slow Remix)” from the 2018 Deluxe Edition of “Silver Eye.”

And the original …

The original version of “Everything is Never Enough” from the 2017 album “Silver Eye.”


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