Julian Wassermann’s “Alpha”

I’m just really diggin’ this deep techno track from Munich-based DJ/producer Julian Wassermann. It’s called “Alpha,” and it plays like it’s number one. I caught it earlier today, while I was sampling some electronic tracks I recently acquired, and I instantly found myself grooving to its snappy locomotive rhythm.

“Alpha” ricochets and rolls at a steady foot tapping 123 beats per minute. It’s on the minimalist side, phased with menacing synth stabs and flanged vocals. Weird snippets of fragmented sound slip in and out, almost unnoticed. And a persistent momentum of piston beats underscores the whole electro bump and grind affair.

Admittedly, this is my favorite brand of techno. It’s surprisingly subtle, progressive in its coiling evolution, synthetic in the most organic of ways, and laced with enough hypnotic hooks to trip the synapses. It reminds me of the good old days, when all it took was a deep techno gem like “Alpha” to relax, release, and let the mind wander, meditatively tranced, while the body moved and grooved.

I’m not totally up on Wassermann’s catalogue of techno curiosities. But I’ve been letting a selection run random in the background, as I’ve been writing this post. There’s a lot of them. And it’s all good stuff, some in a similar minimalist vein, others with extra toppings.

I’m going to lead with a YouTube embed, since I prefer to take in electronic music as a whole, rather than a sample or snippet … at least, for the first go around … and especially, when it comes to tracks of the progressive persuasion. These things just take time to absorb. So here, you can let it. Start at the top with “Alpha.” Enjoy!

Julian Wassermann’s 2016 single “Alpha.”

I wouldn’t neglect a Spotify embed, either, since it’ll guide you to a whole slew of Wasserman’s selections. Plus, you can nab it for your playlists, if you like it.

“Alpha” from the 2016 EP “Aurea.”