The “D. Ramirez Fully Analog Remix” of David Penn’s “A Different Story”

It’s been one of those low energy days, a little scatterbrained, tired, and unfocused. So hopefully, this one doesn’t sound too incoherent.

I’ve been thinking about this funky little tech-house groove I heard the other day, called a “A Different Story (D. Ramirez Fully Analog Remix).” For tech-house, it’s pretty slick, and sounds a heck of a lot more organic than you’d expect.

Madrid-based DJ/musician David Penn is the man responsible, and like much Spanish electronica, he keeps things on the sunnier side of synthetic songcraft. But since this is a remix by British electro-house DJ/producer D. Ramirez, there’s also a rugged rhythmic edge, simple yet sharp, spiked with a measured bit of urgency.

D. Ramirez. Photo sourced from artist’s Facebook.

As a whole, “A Different Story” sticks to this script, minimalist and straightforward, punctuated by thick steely beats, subtle wobbly synths, and slippery vocal samples, intangible yet apparent.

The Spanish influence keeps the vibe heated and warm, shaking off the typical tech artifice in favor of said-organic flavor. And the Brit electro slant offers raw and rough four-to-the-floor rhythmic funk, a welcome counterpoint to Penn’s sunnier slice of Spanish style.

I’m going to stop there, as I’m starting to drift. But check out the “D. Ramirez Fully Analog Remix” of David Penn’s “A Different Story.” It’s an effective blend of tech and electro house grooves. Enjoy!

“A Different Story (D. Ramirez Fully Analog Remix)” from the 2014 EP “A Different Story.”

David Penn:

D. Ramirez: