Meow Mix III

Sunday afternoon … until I find some inspiration, I’m starting the day with an easy post. It’s another catalogue playlist, an oldie for me, but perhaps something new to you … at least some of it will be. This one’s part three of the “Meow Mix” series. Again, no relation to cats, but inspired (in spirit) by my two feline beauties, Midnight and Nikko.

The third round leans more towards some of my favorite electronic listening pleasures, spanning a few genres and subgenres of progressive house and trance, ambient, drum and bass, and downtempo. There’s Marvin & Guy’s euphoric “The Train of Fantastic,” which as the title says, is truly fantastic. I’ve got techno genius Daniel Avery’s “Knowing We’ll Be Here.” An ambient jungle oldie from LTJ Buken, titled “Journey Inwards.” And others from Kruder & Dorfmeister, Andy Cato, Bonobo, and Amon Tobin, to name a few.

“Meow Mix III” is one my favorites for digging in and getting creative, whether slaving at work, doing the art thing at home, or just meditatin’ and chillin’ in a cozy place. Hope it suits you, as well. Enjoy!