Tomas Skyldeberg’s “Everything Shines”

Let’s wrap up the day’s posts with something purely uplifting and euphoric. It only seems fitting, having started the day on a more severe note with Moderat, then shifting to the afternoon with some cautious optimism from Mikko Joensuu.

Now that it’s night, meet Swedish composer Tomas Skyldeberg, and his upbeat slice of rhythmic bliss “Everything Shines.” This 3 minute gem of chilled electronica is a great little house-infused night cap. It’s easy on the ears, modest in melody, and feels like the sun on a warm summer day. And although a highly specific reference, it reminds me of kickin’ it, beanbag-style, under the flowing fabrics on a gleaming lakeside beach.

“Everything Shines” works because of its simplicity and brevity. It’s not aiming for any unattainable peaks, nor is it striving for progressive progression. Rather, it rolls through its comfort zones, shining dreamy rays of blissful vibes, cozy keys and relaxed rhythms. There’s really not much more to it than that. And honestly, that’s all it really needs.

So in keeping with that spirit, I’ll wrap it up. Here’s Tomas Skylderberg’s “Everything Shines” to brighten your night. Cheers!

“Everything Shines” from the 2018 EP “Everything Shines”.